Amazing 13 DIY Battery Projects You Can Easily Setup At Home

1 – This advice will help you choose the best battery for backup energy on your off-grid homestead.

2 – Camping Accessories – Summer is on its way and so is your much-deserved holiday time!

3 – Have a Lithium Ion battery that won’t charge? It’s infuriating isn’t it?

4 – I have several old cordless power tools and they’re all in good working condition.

5 – I have been a big fan of the Makita 18v LXT cordless tools for several years now.

6 – Battery drill cutting under load (or no load)? Battery not taking a full charge?

7 – $80 for a new battery pack. $25 to build your own. Plus bragging rights!!!

8 – Battery disassembly exposes high current circuits. Be careful! This battery is of 2P5S configuration (sets of 2 parallel cells, 5 sets in a series string).

9 – How I rebuilt some DeWalt batteries for a quarter of the cost of replacing them

10 – At only 11 inches and 2.6 lbs., the Milwaukee M12 HACKZALL Cordless Lithium-Ion

11 – So you are tired of dead batteries on your drill and do not want to mess around with replacing or fixing the battery.

13 – How to Recondition Cordless Drill Batteries

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